Letter from the Publisher

Tysons Today Letter from the Publisher

As we left the office last week, I took some time to visit the new sales office which opened at the Boro, with the model showing the scope and design of the new neighborhood in Tysons. Pretty impressive. Hard to believe it wasn’t that long ago we were watching stand-up comics at the Westpark Hotel at that very spot. This is really big stuff, and we understand they are on a accelerated schedule for completion. Stay tuned for updates in coming issues.

It’s spring and today we got notice that many of the cafes are setting up for those precious days of “Al Fresco Dining.” Our editors have some suggestions for you. Here comes the music—and Wolftrap has an amazing lineup… grab your picnic basket and bottle of wine and enjoy one of America’s best national parks. Lucky us.

Did someone say wine? Linda’s “Cooking with Wine” article shows you how easy it is to add some sparkle to your dinner. Dani Keating loves festivals. From Bluegrass to BBQ to Arts and Crafts to Regional Camping Festivals, she has put together a local guide—something for everybody. Thanks, Dani!

When it comes to finding the best options for taking care of your teeth, our “Top Dentists” is a must read. On those pages are some of our area’s most celebrated (and deservedly so) dental professionals to be found anywhere. 

The financial advisory experts and Dan Lash at VLP Financial Advisers have some news regarding the new tax act for 2018—new brackets, child credits, deductions, even alimony. A perfect article to help you plan throughout 2018.  Thanks, Dan!

Our beauty editors bring us a wealth of information on sun tans, permanent makeup, anti-aging skin care, and more.  Thanks, ladies.

Off to the races! The Middleburg Spring Races (this was the 98th year!) is a great time in the country.  Allison reviews what she discovered that made it that much more enjoyable. The best places to sit, stay, eat…she found it all… thank you, Allison.

Tammie has opened another great dining destination…especially if you love great desserts. Her new Magnolia Dessert and Coffee Bar is a Thai Cafe that will enthrall you …we love it!

It’s Stalcup farming season. Carole Herrick, our “astute historian,” brings us  a little local history—and with all this building, it’s nice to remember how it used to be. Thank you, Carol.

And more…Dads and Grads, Protecting your Pet, Jan King on Global Warming, Fitness and Real Estate.

Take the time to look around you now and then. Our skyline is forever changing. I can’t remember what it looked like even two years ago.

Enjoy the spring weather. We’ll see you again in July.