Driverless shuttle program proposed to connect Mosaic District and Dunn Loring Metro

Michael Dranove Transportation

The Fairfax Department of Transportation, working in cooperation with Dominion Energy, has proposed a driverless shuttle program to connect the Dunn Loring metro to Merrifield’s Mosaic District.  According to a Fairfax County Board of Supervisors report, the initial route would be the first of many, as the County hopes the self-driving vehicles will promote metro use and will allow for greater mobility for seniors and persons with disabilities.

Although the shuttle service is still just a proposal, the Department of Transportation has confidence that the state and county will move forward with the idea, and they point to a similar program that operates in Arlington, Texas as proof of its viability.

Speaking at the Greater Merrifield Business Association on February 13th, Fairfax County Supervisor Linda Smyth announced that the County has applied for a grant from the state to go forward with the proposal.   “We have filed the paperwork for the grant,” she said, “It’s going to be on a pretty fast track if we get it.”  Inside NoVa reports that Merrifield was selected as the test route for the program because, as Smyth said, state officials, “wanted something that would be a real transportation project, not a toy.”