Three new Asian fried chicken sandwich joints open in NoVA

Michael Dranove Around Town, Taste of Tysons

Fried chicken sandwiches with an Asian twist seem to be growing in popularity, as Northern Virginia has seen three new vendors open in the past few months which feature the mouthwatering, and food coma inducing, entrée.

Mama Mei’s in Annandale, Wooboi Chicken in Herndon, and Hot Lola’s in Ballston have all opened their doors since February, and all feature spicy chicken sandwiches as their signature menu item.

In a sense, trendy Asian flavored sandwiches might represent the history of the sandwich coming full circle, as the first sandwich is believed to have originated in China. As the Chicago Tribune writes, “‘rujiamo,’ sometimes spelled ‘rou jia mo,’ translated as ‘meat sandwich,’ dates back 2,000 years. Traditionally it was spiced and simmered pork stuffed in flatbread baked in clay ovens.”

Take a look at the pictures below and see how far the sandwich has come!

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Source: Mama Mei’s
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Source: Hot Lola’s
Source: Wooboi Chicken