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How To Create The Perfect Home Office

5 Important Considerations When Designing a Home Office

The New Daily Reality: Working From Home

The most used space in the home is quickly transitioning from the kitchen to the home office with most of us now working remotely. This is a room that is either not often considered when purchasing a home, or little thought is put into the design of it, opting for a simple desk, a chair and maybe a bookcase. Since the “home office” has become the location where we go to work on a daily basis, many considerations should be taken into account when designing the space. Just as a kitchen or bathroom must not only be aesthetically pleasing but highly functional the home office is no exception.

With the future of our working environment remaining uncertain, we all may be home a great deal more. Therefore the functionality and design of the office should be right up there with the design of the kitchen and family room. A cohesive look that integrates the design of your home is important so that the space doesn’t look like an after thought or not well thought out. Painting the walls in a color that you love and that connects with your home’s overall design plan will be an added benefit. Perhaps a beautiful wallpaper for added elegance is worth consideration.

The following is a list of some of the top design choices that should be deeply considered when creating a functional home office.

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1. Lighting

It is really important to have very good lighting in a home office. This includes overhead, ambient and task lighting. Additionally, if natural lighting can be incorporated into the design even better. Just make sure that your computer screen is not positioned where glare will impair your view and cause eye strain.

2. Comfortable Seating

This is a critical item for obvious reasons. You will be sitting for many hours and it’s important to have a very comfortable chair. This doesn’t mean that it has to be unattractive, just ergonomic and well made. Many companies have options that incorporate function and offer many design options in terms of materials and finishes.

3. Decorate to Energize

We love adding beautiful art to an office space. Make it something that is motivating, meaningful, and energizing, this will help enhance creativity. When deciding, make it aesthetically pleasing, and unifying so consider the whole home design in your selection. This way it pulls the colors and design style in from the rest of the home so the design of your office is purposeful.

4. Clutter Free

Shelving is great, either floating, bookcases, or built-ins. Keep your personal items in that location, not on your work space or desk which will only be distracting and add clutter.

5. Flooring

It is important to have a floor that is functional and beautiful. If you choose a rug, make sure it is low pile so the chair legs or casters can easily move over it.
With a wood floor, put something over the wood where your chair will be used, the constant movement of the chair could damage the floor. Select a visually pleasing, and environmentally friendly faux animal hide, or another low pile option.

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Our Recent Home Office Renovation | Before & After


50% Will Work From Home by 2020

Market Insider and Forbes both predicted a year ago that more than 50% of the workforce will work from home by 2020. That number will increase dramatically with the new environment.

Create a Home Office

Home Advisor states that creating a home office is one remodeling tip to increase your home’s value. In addition, adding built-in bookcases, installing grounded outlets and data ports levels up the functionality of the space.

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