Vienna Planning Commission Holds Public Hearing on Proposed Zoning Change

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Modification makes way for multifamily, cottage-like development

The Vienna Planning Commission held a public hearing on a proposed zoning change for a three-lot parcel located at 121 Courthouse Road, SW on Wednesday, Aug. 25, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. at the Vienna Town Hall, 127 Center Street South, Vienna.

The developer is requesting the zoning change to accommodate six, two-family, cottage-style duplexes facing a common green area and a shared clubhouse. The architectural style of the two-family dwellings is similar to the architecture often seen with cottage housing developments, which includes a relatively short building height, a compact footprint, and a maximum height of one-and-a-half stories. The proposed three-bedroom, 1800-square-foot units in this development will also include two-car garages on the basement level that can be accessed from a vehicular service drive located around the perimeter of the site. Additional visitor parking spaces are planned along the service drive.

The property is currently zoned for single-family homes. The proposed zoning change to accommodate the low-density duplexes is consistent with Vienna’s Comprehensive Plan.

A concept plan and elevations are available online: To access the plan and instructions for attending the public hearing virtually, click on the link to the Aug. 25 Planning Commission Meeting Agenda.