Vienna Police Officers Surpass Fundraising Goal to Fight Cancer

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For the month of November 2021, several Vienna police officers put down their razor to pick up the cause to raise awareness of prostate cancer through ZERO cancer’s NoShaveNovember campaign. They did it in support of a fellow officer, Juan Vazquez, who lost his father to prostate cancer, and their collective efforts were such a success,
they more than doubled their fundraising goal of $3,000.

“I am so humbled that so many of my colleagues participated and took it upon themselves to fundraise for this worthy cause,” Vazquez said in amazement. “Even with everything else they have going on with work, family responsibilities and life, the fact that they were willing to do this speaks volumes about who they are and shows how
much they care about people.”

To date, the officers’ collective efforts have generated more than $7,000 for the nonprofit organization to support prostate cancer research and educational outreach. It is the second-highest amount generated by a public safety organization in the nation. Today, they are clean-shaven to comply with the reinstatement of the department’s nofacial hair dress code rule, but they can still fundraise, because ZERO cancer has extended the #NoShaveNovember donation deadline until Dec. 5.

“We thought $3,000 was a high goal, considering we had never done anything like this before,” Vazquez said. “The generosity of our family, friends and this community has absolutely astonished us all! We are very appreciative of their support, and it will be interesting to see what happens over the last days of the extended campaign.”

Nearly 250,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in the United States this year alone, and the illness is very treatable if it is diagnosed early. To support the Vienna Police Department’s Grow and Give Team, visit