Where to Apply Highlighter For Glowing Skin

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A makeup artist from NBC News 4 shares her tricks of the trade. We’ve seen a massive shift in beauty trends over the last few years; thick eyeliner, bright lipstick and rouged cheeks are out while neutral lids, baby lips and glowing skin are in. According to a makeup artist from NBC News 4, the best way to achieve a …

How to Get Longer Lashes Without Using Mascara

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Semi-permanent lash treatments are taking over the beauty industry. When it comes to looking more bright-eyed and awake, local makeup artists say it comes down to one body part: your eyelashes. Long, dark lashes create instant glamour, but there’s more to using mascara than meets the eye. With so many products claiming to be the next lash miracle, it can …

Ask an Expert: How to Bring Out Your Exotic Beauty

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My Favorite Treatment: Vanquish Adipose Tissue Melting Adipose Tissue Melting will help you achieve aesthetic improvement regardless of your lifestyle. You will not be required to exercise or alter your dietary habits. However, the treatment results give you a head start to a better looking body. Most patients feel motivated to take care of themselves better when the procedure is …

Getting the Best Results from an Anti-Aging Skincare Regimen

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To reap the best benefits from anti-aging skincare products, you need to have the right products for your skin and apply them in the right order. Barbara Mead, a licensed master esthetician with her own practice, Facial Zen in Herndon (FacialZen.com), shared her knowledge and expertise about anti-aging skincare products.

What are the Benefits of Working Out with a Personal Trainer?

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No matter your age or current fitness level, everyone can benefit from following a sensible exercise program. Cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility training are essential for maintaining physical health and vitality.  If you’re looking to accomplish a certain fitness goal, you may want to consider working with a personal trainer. Just like any pro athlete always has a coach or trainer, …

Getting Your Tan On!

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Preserving the beauty of your skin is something that I spend a lot of time discussing with my clients. It’s the secret to staying youthful-looking as you age! Using good skin care products and being consistent about it will keep your skin healthy, radiant, and beautiful! The most important aspect of keeping your skin looking its best is to take …

Check Your Bags: How to Treat & Conceal Dark Circles

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McLean makeup artists share their expert tips for brighter eyes. What do Netflix, happy hour and spring allergies all have in common? They’re all interfering with your sleep, leaving you with unwanted puffiness and dark circles. When getting more sleep just isn’t an option, this morning regimen recommended by local makeup artists will keep you bold and bright-eyed.

What You Don’t Know About Permanent Makeup

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What do you picture when you hear the words permanent makeup? Eyebrows that look like they were drawn on with a Sharpie? A dark lip liner? Heavy eyeliner? That image may have been true in the late 1970s when the permanent makeup industry first came into its own, but changes in equipment and techniques mean that today’s permanent cosmetics have …

’50s Flashback

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Flattering, 50’s style dresses have made a comeback, and they are fun and easy to style.  I’m wearing a floral vintage piece found at the Falls Church consignment store, New To You.  I wore the belt as a choker necklace and decided to incorporate pops of black with it, to give it a more modern and edgy feel.  Also worn …

Beauty Spotlight: Lisa Scala

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Name and occupation. Lisa Scala, Director of Business Development, WDG Architecture What is your biggest beauty splurge that you deem necessary? I wouldn’t say it’s necessary, but I do splurge on good jewelry. What is the beauty product will you would not leave the house without? Lipstick and mascara What is your workout pick? I love cardio workouts. What did …