TCAE: The Caffe Amouri Tasting Experience

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September 11 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

THE CAFFE AMOURI TASTING EXPERIENCE September 11, 6:30pm-8:30pm *Includes 1lb. Caffe Amouri coffee from class
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LEVEL – Consumer 
Smell, Slurp, Evaluate…Repeat 
Welcome to the World of Cupping!…The world where professionals and novices alike, taste, evaluate and share their experience using a spoon and their tongues. In this class, we’ll discuss origin characteristics and sensory analysis. Then, we’ll move to the silent exercise of cupping the coffee and finish with a discussion of your taste experience–did you taste apricot and almonds? Molasses with a hint of lemon? There is no right answer–just a new understanding of how terroir, processing, and roasting affects flavor. You will also appreciate the farmers and processors who work to bring quality coffee to your cup. 
This class will awaken your senses to the wonderful, magical world of coffee! And, we guarantee that you will become a coffee snob. 
This class is for those beginning their journey in coffee cupping. More advanced cupping classes will be offered in the future.
Instructor- Michael Amouri – Specialty Coffee Association Certified Coffee Taster and Roaster and Licensed Arabica Q Grader