Letter from the Publisher

Johnny Hanna Letter from the Publisher

Happy New Year!  In what promises to be an exciting year on all levels, please accept our warm wishes for a healthy and prosperous new year.  We promise to do all we can to bring the community closer together.

We were sorry to hear that our dear friend, Michael Caplin will be stepping down from the Chairmanship of the Tysons Partnership this month.  His vision, complete with development projects, transportation, cultural, and retail initiatives has set us on the path and gives us the foundation that will allow us to continue to build America’s next great city.  Thanks Michael.

With so many new venues for dining and entertaining  in our community, it’s only natural that Tysons has become a wedding destination for those looking for places to celebrate  that special day—and we have a few options to share with you.  Analiese Kreutzer gives us new wedding trends and Linda Barrett helps us choose the wine. 

Piano Bars?  We love them, ans so does singer Stacie Steinke—she has a few she thinks you’ll enjoy.  Thanks Stacie.

What do the Nationals and Redskins have in common?  Meet Dr. Robin West, keeping everyone in tip-top shape.  Rick Mundy got the story, thanks Rick.

I love architecture.  Especially grand old hotels.  Ever been to the Jefferson in Richmond?  The elegance of the bygone era, and a story you’ll want to read, by Allison Chase Sutherland.

We have some ideas for enjoying  the big game, and Molly Stoopler has some ideas to escape “Cabin Fever.” Should you sell your home in the winter?  Ask Linda Barrett—she has some thoughts.

Carole Herrick, our area’s premier historian, has given us a piece on the historic Hickory Hill in McLean.  There is so much history in our neighborhoods and we are lucky to have historians like Carole to give us a look into the past.  Carole, you are simply the best, thank you.

Our friends at the new Wolftrap Animal Rescue in Merrifield and Dr. Jordan are looking for help to bring relief to our furry friends in need of love and attention.  Please give whatever support you can. 

Again, on behalf of our entire team, thank you for your continued  support of our community efforts to bring people together through our magazines, social media and digital programs.  Your support, letters of appreciation for our efforts, and consideration of our advertisers’ is amazing.  Thanks.  See you in March.  Stay well.