Letter from the Publisher

Johnny Hanna Letter from the Publisher

Many years ago I lost a very dear family member to Breast Cancer.  My aunt Sue was the best! A beautiful woman, filled with life and laughter and adored by everyone who had the pleasure of meeting her.  She had been told after a routine check-up to have a lump checked out, and never fully understanding the danger in not doing so—cancer took her away from us.  The importance of having yourself screened on a regular basis can’t be stressed enough.  An “ounce of prevention is greater than a pound of cure” … never more true than with breast cancer. Early detection is paramount. We all need to do all we can to keep the importance of cancer screening top of mind. Let’s all do more to get the word out, give what you can for research, and help with early detection.  Our Le Nouveau Moi women’s health and beauty section shares the story of Breast Cancer survivor, Laura Taylor, and some tips on screening and self-exams.

I remember when getting raw oysters was risky business. Not so any more—(Yeah!)  Renee’s got the story and some suggestions to enjoy the fruits of the sea. The best time for Oysters is in months that end in “ber.”  (That’s now!)  Read the intro by Bart Farrell of Clydes Restaurant Group and Reneé’s story.

And more mixed-use projects are winning approval. The most recent is International Place on what used to be Kip Killmon’s used car lot. International Place at Tysons LLC and 8133 Leesburg Pike LLC have great plans for the project including rooftop courtyards, pools, lawns and outdoor dining areas.  Wow.

Throughout the area, we have several extraordinary private schools and tutoring opportunities dedicated to superior learning across all grades.  Alexis Bugley and the team bring you some outstanding options.

Patrick Bazin of Bazin’s on Church and Doctor Christoper Bonacci of Vienna took a little trip to Italy. Read a great story about olive oil, friendship and a passion for oil by Linda Barrett.  Thanks, Linda.

There’ s nothing like a hot cup of coffee and Lani Furbank brings us some wonderful coffee shops to savor your java. The Artisan Trail Network? Linda tells us about it.

Cerebral Palsy wasn’t going to stop Julie Cochran from fulfilling her dream of creating beautiful images with her camera and sharing her special “eye” for composition. Keith Loria gives us the story.

Oktoberfest?  You bet, and we have some great options for enjoying the season. Dani Keating has them for us. Thanks, Dani! (Remeber the Oktoberfest celebration in Vienna on October 7th.)

Linda celebrates life with Virginia’s dessert wines, Michael Evans of Helga’s Catering has party ideas, Renee Sklarew brings us Middle Eastern cuisines, Silver Line updates by Robert O’Shaughnessy and Marcia McAllister, and of course, Jan King (too much fun!)

Kids are back in school, so please drive carefully (especially these days with so much focus on their cell phones). Please give what you can to Cancer Research and area nonprofits,  and enjoy the fall. See you in November.