Letter from the Publisher

Tysons Today Letter from the Publisher

Happy Holidays!  I’ve always thought Tysons was made for the holidays. Nowhere else, except perhaps New York City does a “city” have so many holiday decorations, shopping and holiday dining adventures and the “magic” we have.  And I imagine this year will be better than ever.

With the addition of so many new venues, restaurants and shops offering new products and services, the excitement is building already. Our editors and friends have put together an event calendar, a guide for: where to find those traditional ethnic treats, catering and event spaces for your holiday celebrations, gifts guides and more. We hope you enjoy and hope you take note of some of the holiday celebrations our team has found for your holiday enjoyment this season.

Are you a hockey fan?  Our friend and neighbor  Joe Beninati, the “Voice of the Washington Capitals,” shares some stories with Keith Loria.

We always get excited when we hear of new and interesting approaches to learning.  Read about the new Reggio Emilia approach and browse our education section for some awesome educational opportunities, too.

This is the year—I say it every year!—if you’re looking for help with Financial Resolutions for 2018, to ask Daniel Lash of VLP Financial Advisors in Vienna.

Sleeping well?  Analiese shares some ideas on more restful sleeping and some “overnight beauty tips.”

Why not make this season more about giving than receiving.  With so many humanitarian disasters across the nation and the globe, your generosity is needed more than ever.  Analiese offers some suggestions.

The “Inn” place for the holidays?  Linda Barrett has some great ideas for taking a winter retreat to one of Virginia’s fine wineries and inns.  Thanks, Linda!

Never enough Italian.  Never.  Renee Sklarew reviews the new Alta Strada in Mosaic.  The Mosaic should defiantly be on your list for holiday outings.

Are you planning a party for the holidays?  Michael Evans of Helga’s Catering has some thoughts and catering options for you, from DIY to drop off to full service—we hope it helps this holiday season—thank you, Michael!

Looking to purchase some jewelry this year?  According to our friend Lee Nguonly, the trend in fine jewelry is toward simplicity.  The Nguonly family has been in the jewelry business for generations and has won top awards for quality and value in our area.   In the heart of Vienna—say ‘hi’ to Lee.

Once again this year, we urge you to support our area’s independent merchants and service providers.  Competition has never been tougher than it is today, and they are counting on the season to bring them into the black. Please remember them.

On behalf of all of us at VivaTysons, please accept our warmest wishes for safe, wonderful holiday—we’ll see you next year.