Beauty Spotlight: Carolyn Delaney

Tysons Today Beauty

Name and occupation.

Carolyn Delaney, Sr. Account Executive at Arch Mortgage Insurance

What is your biggest beauty splurge that you deem necessary?

My passion is fashion and unique, quality clothing! Friends and customers joke and say, “I’ve know you for 25 plus years and have never seen you in the same thing twice!”

What is the beauty product will you would not leave the house without?

Lip gloss and a purse-size hairbrush

What is your workout pick?

I like body pump which is weight lifting, along with pilates, yoga and a long brisk walk to see and hear nature.

What did you formerly do that you realized wasn’t worth the money?

Eyelash extentions. Now I use Lash Boost, and my real lashes are much longer and thicker! It’s a product from a skin care company my niece works for—Rodan and Fields.

What is your view on diet?

It’s very important for your health! I’m a two-year breast cancer survivor, so I’m careful what I put in my body. I stay away from fried foods, eat more veggies, seafood and make green shakes for a meal.

What’s your spa fix?

I love a deep tissue massage to relieve stress!

Salon O Tony

Hair by Vidal at Salon o Tony

Makeup by Katie Walsh and Sharon Holland at Merle Norman