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Where to Cycle this Fall in the DMV

Cycling studios are all over the place now it seems. So how is one to know which one to go to? Do they all offer the same class and you just pick one closest to you, or does each one have a different vibe and you would be willing to drive to one where you would feel most comfortable?

Well, each cycling studio does have its own feel and type of energy, but aside from that, they all vary in costs with their memberships and have unique promotions where one of those might be the best cost-efficient choice for you—if that is a factor in making up your mind.

Virginia has some really great studios and each of the studios also carries great athletic wear that are clothing lines that the studio represents, be it the studio’s name brand or another one. Some of the cycling studios even have a full out coffee bar in them with a bakery. Whatever your type of vibe is that you picture yourself going to for when it comes to cycling studios, Virginia definitely has it for you.

Read on to see what each type of studio is like and what promotions they currently have going on:

Zengo Cycle


Zengo Cycle has locations in VA, DC, and MD. Wherever you happen to be, I can promise you that there will be a Zengo Cycle nearby. The great thing about this studio is that you pay for classes with credits, so you never have to worry about missing a monthly membership payment, or wanting to cancel it if you happen to move away from any Zengo studios—which is hard to imagine since they are everywhere. The New Rider Pack starts at $33.00 and includes 3 classes that expire after 45 days of purchase. Their studios offer you an intimate feel because of the proximity from the instructor to the back row; everything is condensed together, but without feeling too close for comfort. The locker space is also very compact, again, giving this place a boutique type of environment. Something unique to Zengo classes is that they incorporate the use of free weights to promote muscle movement in your core body areas; you can choose what size weights would be best for you. The music ranges from fast pop songs to slower ones, but they are all top 100 songs that will get you spinning really fast or keep you cruising. You can check out their instructor page and find Allison if you are looking for an extreme type of cycling workout; her class will leave your legs feeling like jelly.

Vortex Indoor Cycling


The Vortex studio located on the Plaza at Tysons Corner Center is a dream come true. This studio really does a great job of bringing a community of people together with its coffee bar and athletic wear that is all provided to you for purchase upon entering their studio. Taking a cycling class for the first time can be intimidating so by going a little earlier and buying an acai bowl for lunch and then purchasing a Simple branded t-shirt or a new Vortex backpack for your cycling shoes, you can feel more a part of the cycling studio community. If you’re into your ride being a fun time-out from your day, then look into their Hip Hop Thursday’s that they currently offer taught by Caroline or Kat. You will want to go dancing after the workout because of how enjoyable their classes actually are and not as tiring as some of the other ones offered. You can buy their starter pack which provides you with 1 month of unlimited classes for $150.00. They also have an ongoing promo where if you want to buy your classes for a full year, you can take advantage of an upfront discount.

New Trail Cycling Studio

New Trail Cycling Studio is located in Reston, Virginia. This studio will open November 2018, but will be holding some preview classes in July. All the info for upcoming classes can be found on their website at: Liz Kamp who is the owner of this studio really wants this studio to make cycling a part of every day life, which is why she will be including teen cycling classes at her studio that are made specifically for riders of ages 12-16. If you are the busy mom on the go, well now your kid can join you as well. Teen classes will be separated by gender and have age appropriate music. She also includes in her schedule of classes, classes for 55+. The 55+ ride will have lower RPMS and intensity levels and feature hit songs from the 50’s-70’s, though one can still tailor the ride to their specific needs in this class. New Trail social media sites will also show updates for their weekly update music playlist. Liz Kamp informed me that the bikes her studio will be using are also the latest state of the art bikes from Schwinn (and the first in VA as of yet) that will record your info and send it to you, along with having many other customizable features. If you like having the best of the best and want to include your entire family within the cycling lifestyle, then be sure to check out the preview riding dates on their website. Liz says of the vibe for her studio, “I want this to be a place where first time riders will not feel intimidated, but rather at ease. I want first time riders to incorporate cycling as a part of their everyday life and not something that is going to be a one-time thing.”

CycleBar Premium Indoor Cycling


CycleBar Premium Indoor Cycling has locations in Arlington and Falls Church, Virginia. The studio has a low-key feel to it, not having a coffee bar or clothing to buy right as you walk in, but rather a Keurig in the back and your choice of a banana, which is offered every day for free. You also get free parking in the Harris Teeter parking garage which is located right next door to the Falls Church location. CycleBar loves its community and is also committed to giving back which shows by the promotion they run for teachers and students; a month of unlimited rides for only $75.00. They also have weekly themes which are posted on boards for all to see that feature what the songs for the rides of the week will be. The themes are fun and quirky such as: evolution of country music, or British invasion. Courtney who is a manager at CycleBar Says to check out their website on holidays as well because they tend to offer promotions or free rides on those days. CycleBar has also created CycleGiving® which is their philanthropic movement to partner with organizations that help bring fundraising to charities. They call this their unique form of marketing that informs their community of health and wellness all while still raising money for an overall good cause. You can currently sign up for a week free of cycle classes through the end of summer. You can then start off with 5 rides for an introductory rate of $99.00.