2018 National Citizen Survey Highlights

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Vienna residents rate Town a great place to raise children; safety, events, services, and engagement also rated highly

Results from the Town of Vienna’s participation in the National Citizen Survey, conducted in October 2018, indicate that overall, Town of Vienna residents really dig where they live. 2018 National Citizen Survey Reports

Responding residents rated Vienna as excellent or good as a place to raise children (98%), as a place to live (96%), and for quality of life (94%). All of these rankings put Vienna above national benchmark comparisons. Nine in 10 Vienna residents would recommend living in the community to someone who asked.
The National Citizen Survey, which is conducted by the National Research Center (NRC) in partnership with the International City/County Management Association, captures residents’ opinions within three pillars of community (community characteristics, governance, and participation) across eight facets of community (safety, mobility, natural environment, built environment, economy, recreation and wellness, education and enrichment, and community engagement).
Across 126 categories measured by Vienna’s version of the National Citizen Survey, the Town was rated higher by its residents than national comparison communities in 65 categories, similar in 57, and lower in four. Lower ratings, compared to the benchmark, were for traffic flow, ease of travel by car, affordable quality housing, and number of residents who work in Vienna. The Town scored in the top 20 among benchmark communities in 30 areas; in 10 of those instances, Vienna broke into the top 10. Top 20 Rankings
The NRC drew four conclusions about the Town of Vienna based on survey results:
  • Vienna is a great place to live, and residents enjoy a strong sense of safety.
  • Vienna’s economy is both a valued asset and a challenge.
  • Alternative transportation is a highlight of the community.
  • Residents appreciate recreation, wellness, and enrichment offerings in the community.
Resident ratings for safety-related services were exceptional, exceeding all national benchmarks. Residents reported feeling safe overall as well as in their neighborhoods and in the downtown/commercial area.
Residents awarded top marks for the Town’s overall economic health and identified it, as well as mobility and built environment, as a focus area over the next two years. When asked about Town priorities over the next 3-5 years, approximately 8 in 10 respondents felt that employing economic development strategies to bring additional visitors and revenue to Vienna and improving Town policies and practices to be more business-friendly should be high or medium priorities.
Vienna residents indicated that they use public transit or walk or bike instead of driving at rates higher than in other jurisdictions across the nation, and they exhibit above-average rates of participation within their community, especially in the areas of education and enrichment, recreation and wellness, and community engagement.

With 695 completed surveys returned, Vienna’s response rate was 45%, which, according to the NRC, is one of the highest response rates generated by a community taking the National Citizen Survey over the past decade. Typical response rates for this survey are in the 20th percentile. The margin of error for Vienna’s survey is about 4%.