70,000 sq.ft Children’s Science Center coming to Dulles

Michael Dranove Education, Real Estate, Tysons Update

The Virginia General Assembly approved a first round of funding last month for construction of a regional science center in Dulles.

Working in partnership with the Fairfax-based Children’s Science Center at Fair Oaks Mall, legislators approved $2.3 million for the initial phases of construction. According to a press release, the project will cost around $70 million in total, with Loudon County contributing $15 million, the state $31 million, and the rest coming from private donations.

The center is set to be constructed at the Kincora development, and its master plan includes a design for 70,000 square feet of museum space. The museum is intended to serve as a:

community hub and showcase, while offering direct connections for outdoor environmental education by taking advantage of the diverse, mixed-uses within Kincora and its over 150 acres of stream-valley parkland…Themes emerging from the plan encourage audiences to explore a variety of topics through the lens of science, from water, motion and medicine, to space colonization and the fusion of technology with the arts.

During the next phase, architects and engineers will be commissioned for the detailed design of the facilities and exhibits. In the near future, a new name and brand identity will be developed for Northern Virginia’s regional science center.