Agora Tysons Corner

DC Mediterranean restaurant Agora coming to Tysons Corner next month

Michael Dranove Taste of Tysons

Dupont Circle restaurant Agora is following through with its long planned expansion to Tysons Corner. The Mediterranean hot spot will open a 4,000 square foot location at 7911 Westpark Drive next month. 

Agora gained notoriety shortly after its 2010 debut for its $30 bottomless brunch, a deal which offered patrons a combination of small plates from Turkish, Lebanese, and Greek cuisine, along with access to an extensive list of cocktails.  Although the price has since increased to $40, patrons keep flocking to the Dupont Circle location, and the restaurant had to expand into an adjoining building last year to keep pace with demand.

Though this single expansion took five years to come to fruition, owners say they eventually hope to open five more locations in Northern Virginia. “I want to balance life and work, which in the restaurant business is tough,” owner Ismail Uslu told Northern Virginia Magazine. “But if I can balance it out, the goal is five restaurants in the Northern Virginia area.”  

Agora’s Tysons Corner location will be located near Founding Farmers, at 7911 West Park Drive.  It plans to open its doors in mid-June.