The Montessori Way with Brooksfield School

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Founded in 1987, Brooksfield School is a private school in McLean dedicated to the gentle explorations of Montessori education. Its logo is a simple series of loops that forms a tree. The interconnected loops drop down into the trunk of the tree which joins the “K” in the school’s name. Its purposeful choice of logo efficiently marries its prime woodlands location with the principles of Montessori education through the reverence of nature.

Located on five acres of land surrounded by serene trees and lush grass, Brooksfield School is “dedicated to providing a loving, stimulating, and creative environment with a focus on the arts and nature” as per its website.

Brooksfield gives children a “well-rounded education, with lots of outdoor time and an emphasis on mindfulness and connecting with the world around them” and reminds parents of the sharp contrast with the traditional school system in which children are “cloistered — in classrooms segregated by age, in learning plans that aren’t flexible for each child’s style, and in an environment that doesn’t feel caring or fun” as per its website.

With an extraordinary focus on outdoor learning, Brooksfield puts a premium on one-on-one interactions with students in a respectful way that appreciates the beauty within each child and coaxes out new things to help the child blossom into the person that child wants to become.

Brooksfield welcomes curiosity in learning and celebrates it by putting children in groups with students of different ages. The school replaces public education and its rigid rules and structure with a more carefree environment that positions children for a different type of success in life through independent learning and observations of their educational materials and activities.

By working consistently with students of various ages, children will undoubtedly improve their social skills and learn the fine art of collaborating and learning to listen to and respect different viewpoints. As the children continue their Montessori education and get older, they will also benefit from being placed in groups of children with different ages by gaining confidence in their abilities and practicing leadership.

About the Programs

Brooksfield School offers three programs for children ages 2 through 6.

The toddler program (age 2) focuses on various form of care: self-care, care for others, and care for the environment.

The primary program (ages 3 – 6) focuses on confidence, concentration, independence, and order.

The kindergarten program (ages 5 – 6) focuses on reinforcement of life skills by encouraging modelling of good behavior with younger students.

Brooksfield offers parents several options to pay tuition, including financial aid. Using organic gardening at the core of its curriculum, the school aims to develop the whole child physically, spiritually, and emotionally. It provides a mind, body, nature connection with the garden that allows for movement, sensory learning, and development of social growth.

Brooksfield School doesn’t want prospective students and their parents to simply look at their website for more information—it actively encourages families to tour the campus and get a firsthand feel for creating a harmony with nature through the Montessori method. For more information, please visit the school’s website: or call to schedule a tour: (703) 356-5437.