No Fuss Holiday Decor

Lauren Simmons Home & Design

With all the stress of everyday life, the holidays can take that up a notch with having to think of decorating your house perfectly.  Keep in mind that the holidays are for enjoying friends and family so here’s a few simple ideas for getting your house festive.

Create holiday centerpieces using colorful glass balls—quick and easy and such a beautiful look.

Decorate with greenery.  Bringing the outside indoors always makes the house look more festive.  If you’re in a pinch, the backyard trees are always great to snip from.

Decorate with candy. Use candy canes on the tree for a playful touch that brings back childhood memories. Fill whimsical ornamental containers with caramels, mints, chocolates, and nuts for a scrumptious display.  No one can ever walk by a candy dish without grabbing a few.

Keep it simple and your house will come to life!  Enjoy the holidays.