“Little Women” Comes to Capital One Hall

Keith Loria Art & Culture

Experience the enchantment of “Little Women—The Musical” as it graces the stage of Capital One Hall in Tysons from May 17-19.

Inspired by Louisa May Alcott’s beloved novel, which was turned into a hit Broadway show in 2005, this captivating production delves into the lives of the March sisters—Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy—as they navigate the highs and lows of life, leaving audiences awash with a spectrum of emotions.

With a score that resonates with themes of self-discovery, resilience, and love, “Little Women” captures the essence of a burgeoning America finding its voice. 

Camryn Hamm (Beth), Hannah Taylor (Jo), Aaron Bower (Marmee), Noa Harris (Amy) and Rachel Pantazis (Meg). Photo by Josh Murphy/Chosen-Creations 

Hannah Taylor takes on the role of the spirited Jo, while Rachel Pantazis embodies the nurturing Meg, and Camryn Hamm portrays the gentle Beth. Noa Harris brings to life the vivacious Amy, alongside Aathaven Tharmarajah as Laurie, Aaron Bower as Marmee, Aaron Robinson as John Brooke, Mychal Leverage as Professor Bhaer, Chris Carsten as Mr. Laurence, and Moriel Behar as Aunt March.  

Pantazis grew up in New Hampshire and has been singing for most of her life.

“My family is pretty musical, so I would sing at family outings all the time,” she said. “One day, my aunt went up to my mom and told her she should get me voice lessons, and so by 6, I was taking lessons and doing regional theatre from a young age.”

Over her career, she’s performed on cruise ships, at hotels and other theatrical spaces as she carved out a living. “Little Women” is her first tour and she’s loving it. 

“I have traveled around the country doing an Andrews Sisters tribute for veterans in a show called ‘American Sweethearts,’ but those are more one-off shows, and we head out when shows are booked,” Pantazis said. “But it’s not like a tour where you have consistent travel. This show is so fun to do and it’s been really interesting to be in different theatres in different cities.” 

The one downside is the long bus rides, as Pantazis was just getting off an 11-hour bus ride to Toledo Ohio on the day of this interview, so that’s one thing she doesn’t enjoy. But overall, the experience has been positive.

Pantazis was very familiar with the story of “Little Women” when cast in the show, as she grew up watching the 1994 version of the film starring Wynona Ryder and Susan Sarandon. 

“I used to watch that once a year when I was little, and Christian Bale is such a cutie,” she said. “I also read the book because my mom was really into books.”

To prepare for her role as Meg, Pantazis bought a new copy—a special edition—and reread it and highlighted all the nuances she wanted to make sure she could bring to the show.

“Louisa May Alcott has a lot of really great descriptions about all the sisters and though this musical is really different from the book—it’s sort of a cliff notes version of the book since it’s so long—I wanted to make sure I got all the facets of Meg down,” she said.

Her favorite moment of the show is when Meg sings “More Than I Am” at the end of Act 1 when the character gets proposed to. But she shares all the songs in the show are something special. 

“It’s a really beautiful escape and reflection of life,” Pantazis said. 

The audience is usually full of young fans of the book, or show, but because many theatres have subscription packages, a lot of older people come to see the show as well.

“The response has been really good,” Pantazis said. “There’s a lot of joy with this show and we try to have as much fun with it as we can, because the subject matter can be sad as it centers around death and loss, but it’s really about the growth of these women and choosing what they want in their lives. It’s very relatable to young women.” 

The Tysons performances will the final dates of the show, and while she’s sad to see it end, Pantazis is excited about the opportunities to come.

“I’m also a faculty member of the Perry-Mansfield School of Performing Arts in Colorado, so I’m headed there in June,” she said. “I’m then going to London with my parents, who met there, and then I immediately head to upstate New York to do ‘All Shook Up.” I’ll also be directing ‘Seussical for a children’s theatre. It’s a really diverse year for me.” 

“Little Women” is directed by Jeffrey B. Moss with choreography by Diane Laurenson.

For tickets or more information, visit www.capitalonehall.com.