Public Art Reston Revamps Website to Showcase Catalogue of Public Art and More 

Public Art Reston Art & Culture

Public Art Reston has launched a dynamic and revamped website ( The new website beautifully displays the diverse workings and content offerings of the non-profit, including its Public Art Tour Series, Public Art Explorer pages, and more. Also notably, the mainstage of the new website is a catalogue of 90+ temporary and permanent public artworks around Reston, complete with images, detailed information, and maps so visitors can easily find them. 

Public Art Reston’s webmaster, Alexandra Rossi of ARM Integrated Communications, was the driving force in the website’s revamp. She comments: “Public Art Reston’s new website blends a colorful and artistic design with functionality and user experience, creating an intuitive and engaging platform. Major improvements include easier navigation thanks to content reorganization, as well as bigger photos. Visitors of all ages can interact with the website’s elements, such as videos, activities, search bars, coloring pages, informative booklets, and links to other art resources like the Fairfax Public Art Locator and artists’ websites.” 

Public Art Reston’s Communications Committee was the sounding board for the process. Chair of the committee, Victoria Scarangella, says: “Public Art Reston’s new website highlights our artistic endeavors, community leadership, and dedication to Reston’s founding principles. This redesign improves user experience and navigation making public artworks and local events more accessible to our community members and partners. … Many thanks to the Public Art Reston Communications Committee and the team who made it happen—special thanks Alexandra Rossi for her web development expertise; and Rebekah Wingert of Storycatcher Productions ( for her videography and graphic design.” Further thanks to Cara O’Donnell and her team at Reston Association for cutting an engaging slideshow video for the homepage. 

Public Art Reston is a non-profit organization based in Reston, Virginia, dedicated to creating, promoting, and maintaining public art in the community. Founded in 2007, Public Art Reston aims to enhance the cultural landscape of Reston by integrating art into public spaces, making it accessible to residents and visitors alike. 

Our organization collaborates with artists, community members, local government, and businesses to develop and implement public art projects. These projects can include sculptures, murals, installations, and other forms of artistic expression that add vibrancy and meaning to the community. 

Public Art Reston believes in the power of art to foster dialogue, inspire creativity, and strengthen community bonds. By bringing art out of traditional gallery settings and into public spaces, Public Art Reston aims to enrich the daily lives of people in Reston and create memorable experiences for all who encounter Reston’s public art. 

Through partnerships, fundraising efforts, and community engagement initiatives, Public Art Reston continues to contribute to the cultural vitality and identity of Reston, making it a more vibrant and inspiring place to live, work, and visit. 

A 501©(3) non-profit, Public Art Reston documents existing public art, commissions new public artworks and supports the creation of works by other community stakeholders. For more information about Public Art Reston’s projects and programs, visit