Little Luxuries & Everyday Delights

By Linda Barrett Features, Lifestyle

Curio by Fifth & Main highlights life’s little joys Life can take you on some interesting journeys. However, in Heather Shaw Menis’ case, all roads seem to lead back to one passion. With a bent towards environmentalism, Menis attended college to explore environmental studies and journalism. Graduating in 2001, her first job was in public relations, focused on environmental affairs. …

Ride and Shine Bicycling: Trailblazing Women

Kari Cannistraro Lifestyle

For reasons unknown, I became strangely captivated by the Tour de France one summer years ago while flipping TV channels. This international cycling battle of endurance, agony and exhilaration became an annual obsession for me that began to impress itself into me and left me wanting more.  But spectating 21 stages of the world’s most exciting bike race is too …

The Journey to the Title: Meet JeanAnne Roberts, Mrs. DC America

Linda Barrett Lifestyle

JeanAnne Roberts isn’t the typical contestant that comes to mind when you mention beauty pageants. For one thing, she’s not 25. For another, she has a husband and two adorable children. At age 55, she is the reigning Mrs. DC America. JeanAnne’s Journey How did your journey begin? Because of my love of dance and modeling, I signed up for …

New Year Resolutions: Why They Fail and How You Can Succeed

Kimberly Blaker Lifestyle

The New Year is a great time to take inventory, set goals, and take charge of your life. But if you’re like most, making resolutions is much easier than keeping them. Rather than focus on the idea of a new beginning, which can lead to disappointment at the first slip, keep in mind that self-improvement is an ongoing endeavor. Setbacks …

What does it take to incorporate a new healthy habit?

Jennifer Smith, MS, RDN Health & Wellness, Lifestyle

Generally speaking, change goes through many stages from pre-contemplation to continued commitment. Everyone has different motivations for change. Making a small change, rather than a drastic one can be easier for many people. There is even some evidence to back up this theory. The National Institute of Health’s “Changing Your Habits for Better Health” handout has some terrific ways to …

Sanitizing Appliances from AJ Madison

Jessica Petrino Home & Design, Lifestyle

By Jessica Petrino, Educator & Appliance Expert at AJ Madison Spring cleaning is taking on a whole new meaning in 2020. As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads worldwide businesses and communities are urging residents to stay home, avoid close contact with others, and take necessary precautions to avoid spreading germs. Staying healthy does not require a degree in microbiology; it just …

Meal Kit Takeover

Analiese Kreutzer Lifestyle

Originally published in the May-June 2018 issue of VivaTysons Magazine Since they started arriving on doorsteps about six years ago, the popularity of meal kit services has soared. Meal kits now constitute a $5 billion market, with more companies entering the marketplace every day.

Meet Up for Wine

Linda Barrett Lifestyle

Clubby ways to enjoy wine and build friendships through Meetup events. Believe it or not, there are lots of people who enjoy tasting and drinking wine. And that is evident in the many wine-based Meetups in our area. For those not familiar with Meetup, you can search online by topic for groups sharing any common interest, like “wine.” Once you’ve …