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Fairfax County urges residents to end “wishful recycling” as global crisis intensifies

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In the mid-2000s, a concept known as “single-stream” recycling came into practice in localities across America.  New technology enabling recycling centers to easily separate materials allowed consumers to place their recyclables into a single bin for collection, rather than separating them prior to disposal. At the time, the process was viewed by most as a win-win-win.  Consumers would recycle more …

one university

One University development a step closer to reality

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The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors moved 9-1 Wednesday to amend the Comprehensive Plan, paving the way for a final decision on the development of student, senior, and affordable housing units near George Mason University (GMU).  Known as One University, the proposed development would comprise 10 acres located at the intersection of Route 123 and University Drive.  It would include …

Fairfax Commonwealth’s Attorney race enters home stretch

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This year’s Fairfax County Commonwealth’s Attorney (CA) race has been unusual. Typically, these races are sleepy affairs.  According to the Virginia chapter of the ACLU, between 2005 and 2015 72% of CA races in Virginia were uncontested.  For decades, Fairfax County has been a part of this story, with only two CAs since 1967.  However, for the first time in …

Debate over One University development goes until 2:35AM at Planning Commission meeting

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Wednesday’s Fairfax County Planning Commission meeting was a bruiser. The night started off around 7:40pm with a one hour debate on noise regulations near Dulles Airport, and ended at 2:35am after lengthy discussion on 4 other major agenda points, including some 20 speakers who voiced their passionate opinions on a controversial development near George Mason University (GMU). Undoubtedly, the night’s …